Target Markets:  We constantly review and research markets where the dynamics for apartments offer an opportunity for above market returns.  This involves selecting a strategic few where the best sub-markets can be selected which demonstrate both operational and renovation upside.

Strategic Acquisitions:  We source well located, overlooked properties.  We find assets whereby we can positively impact the management practices and take advantage of the inefficiencies.  At times, this is recognizing low rents based on interior unit conditions or it could be identifying the need to add a shared amenity such as fitness center or dog park.

Value-Add Upgrades:   We enhance value through upgrades/addition of shared amenities or renovation of unit interiors.  The balance of what needs to be done can range from repositioning the asset (making a B an A) to strategic, systematic changes to property characteristics to help the asset become best in class for the sub-market.

Superior Execution:  We have a vast network of management, brokerage, lending, and third party construction contacts which translates to streamlined operations during acquisition and post purchase.  We offer aggressive asset management and supervise all local construction projects.